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VISION: "A Ugandan society in which every young person has access to SRHR information they need and in which their SRHR choices are respected".

MISSION: "To promote high quality, high impact and gender sensitive sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights information for vulnerable and most at-risk populations of young people (14-35 years) in Uganda through capacity building, issue-specific advocacy and strategic partnerships."

GOAL: To improve access and acceptability of family planning and reproductive health services for adolescents and youth by using a human-rights based approach.

OUR SLOGAN: "Good health Now!''

The core values of this Alliance are; - SITIQA

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Innovations
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Accountability

The Overall Objectives for which the organization was founded are: -

  • To enhance youth participation and accountability in Uganda's decentralized health system by using a human-rights based approach to reproductive health.
  • To strengthen the capacity of young people on human rights and sexual reproductive health rights issues to increase engagement in national, regional and international policy discussions.
  • To use innovative media and communication strategies as platforms for creating awareness among young people.

UYAFPAH's thematic areas are; -

  • Health and Sexual reproductive rights including family planning.
  • Social-Economic Empowerment and Livelihood.
  • Integration of information and services with HIV and AIDS.
  • Maternal, infant, newborn and adolescent health.

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Our Services

Our main work is advocacy for positive change in Health matters that affect young people in Uganda.

We train young people on issues to do with Behavioural Change, Menstrual Hygiene, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Family Planning, HIV, STDs and STIs management, and Hepatitis B.

We do capacity building and trainings on livelihood skills, economic empowerment and self-awareness.

Advocacy for Health Rights and Justice

Effective advocacy enables reproductive rights, health, and justice to shape the public discourse on important reproductive health issues and ensure that those most affected by reproductive oppression have a voice in the policies that impact their lives.

Community Outreaches

Community Outreach is an activity of providing services to communities that might not otherwise have access to those services. they are meeting those in need of outreach services at the locations where those in need are.

School Outreaches

School Outreach provides health prevention education and career exploration opportunities for youth. Our interactive programs equip young school people with health knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions around health behaviors and academic success

Women And Youth Empowerment

Empowering Women and Youth through gender equality as a significant contributor to progress and achievement of all the goals and targets of the Sustainable Development Goals and run a sustainable enterprise to provide them with business solutions

Functional Adult Literacy

This approach provides skills in reading, writing and numeracy integrated with practical knowledge and skills. Learning is participatory so as to motivate the Adult Learners to continue searching for knowledge and skills that will help them to improve on whatever activities they are engaged in

SRHR Information Dissemination

provide support to SRHR in the form of education, information and counselling for young people, access to contraceptives, sexual and reproductive health care (including counselling and medical care), and through efforts within the framework of broad approaches that particularly emphasise information and preventiveness


Portfolio of events and activities envolved in by the members of U.Y.A.F.P.A.H.


Economic Empowerment

Community Education

Media Campaigns

World Contraception Day

Youth Linkups

Kids' Interactions

Associated Parterners

These are the associated parterners of U.Y.A.F.P.A.H.


Team of Executive Members at U.Y.A.F.P.A.H.

Juliet Nabawanuka


Chairperson-Board of directors U.Y.A.F.P.A.H

Amanda Banura


Executive director U.Y.A.F.P.A.H

Lillian Mulinga


Chief of party U.Y.A.F.P.A.H

Omuge Boniface


Comunications manager U.Y.A.F.P.A.H

Joel Sendi


Programs Manager U.Y.A.F.P.A.H

Martin Ssenyondo


Administrator U.Y.A.F.P.A.H

Nanyondo Phyllis


Project Officer U.Y.A.F.P.A.H

Amanyire Samuel

IT Solutions

IT Solutions U.Y.A.F.P.A.H


Contact us at any time at our location Block 26, Plot 313, 30a Sentema Road, Mengo, Rubaga Division- Kampala, Uganda, or at our Email Address or Call us on these numbers+256 706 278413 / +256 774 278413.


Block 26, Plot 313, 30a Sentema Road, Mengo, Rubaga Division- Kampala, Uganda.



+256 706 278413 / +256 774 278413

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